Wheat Milling and Milling

Wheat Milling and Milling

Milling is the oldest agricultural industry in the production of nutrients, which is completely automatic production. The development of milling is parallel to the social and technological development of mankind. It is possible to tell from the archaeological finds that human beings show in the grinding technology of the first technological step.

The oldest piece of wheat crushing (grinding) tool consisted of a pit with a fixed stone and a round crusher.

In 500 B.C, stones were developed and their yields increased. As a result of this development, high quality stone mills were used for the circular rotation movement. Such stone mills have been used for many years and during the course of many civilizations milling of many nutrients.

In 300 B.C Pompei millet was developed.

Between 200-100 BC water wheels were used to turn mill stones. In the following years, windmills replaced water mills. Today, there are still mills of water and wind mills and wheat grinders.

The use of steam engines has been a big step and bigger mills are being built every day.

With the development of technology, instead of steel, steel balls, electric motors instead of steam engines were used and modern milling was achieved.


Source: www.gurun.com.tr