Wheat Milling and Milling

Milling is the oldest agricultural industry in the production of nutrients, which is completely automatic production. The development of milling is parallel to the social and technological development of mankind. It is possible to tell from the archaeological finds that human beings show in the grinding technology of the first technological step.

How should bread flour be?

Today, in our country most breads are made from wheat. In modern mills, white flour is obtained by separating crusts and crust of wheat crushed by 72% or less. If the dandruff ratio is above 72 percent, brown flour quality is formed. Dark brown flour is naturally more nutritious. Because of the grain of wheat and its essence; vitamins, minerals, oils and fibers are not lost. However, since the whole wheat flour contains seed oil, it gradually becomes sour and makes it difficult to keep this flour for long periods.

Historical Development of Flour Milling

There is a nutritional problem at the forefront of the constant basic needs of people living in developed or developing countries. Today, as is yesterday, most of the daily energy needed by the human body is derived from cereal products.

What is Grain? What are the benefits?

Another name is Cereals Grain is the general name of the seeds of these crops harvested with plant products such as Wheat, Barley, Corn, Oats, Rye and Rice.